Books - with illustrations by Wendy Walsh



An Irish Florilegium

Thames & Hudson 1983

An Irish Florilegium II

Thames & Hudson 1987

An Irish Flower Garden

Boethius Press 1984

The Native Dogs of Ireland

The Irish Kennel Club 1984

The Book of the Liffey

Wolfhound Press 1998

The Brightest Jewel

Boethius Press 1984

A Prospect of Irish Flowers

Blackstaff Press 1990

The Burren

Boethius Press 1991

Trees of Ireland

Lilliput Press 1993

Flowers of Mayo

Edmund Burke Publisher 1995

An Irish Flower Garden Replanted

Edmund Burke Publisher 1997

Flora of County Dublin

The Dublin Naturalist's Field Club 1998

Sea Beans and Nickar Nuts

Botanical Society of the British Isles 2000

The Virtues of Herbs of Master Jon Gardener

Strawberry Tree 2002

Orchids of Glasnevin

Strawberry Tree 2002